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2022-07-06 Photos and owners of Lynx Peace Please, Lynx Peacekeeper, Lynx River of Life, Lynx Peace of Mind, Lynx Peace and Harmony, Lynx Peacemaker, Lynx Ice River, Lynx Ocean of Peace, Lynx River of Dreams, Lynx River Run, Lynx River Wild, Lynx River Dance, Ilja got a new title and a new photo, New photo of Smilla, Mashi on the page with females, Mashi Her own page with links
2022-06-03 Tolya new photo new Title GB Ch, Paco more info, Sky,
2022-06-01 Peace Litter all got their own pages, River litter all got their own pages, Litter page updated with te 2 latest litters and their parents.

2022-03-26 Photos of Cleo, News: Ny Ch Se Ch, Dk Ch & No Ch Lynx Purple Rain, Bitch CC / BOS at Crufts 2022, New Photo an titles Ch.....No Ch, Se Ch, NoW-20, NoW-21 Lynx Rainbow Warrior, NEW LITTER BORN Born 2022-03-16, Photo of Susa, NEW LITTER BORN 2022-03-20, Lynx Autumn Fire New title Fi Ch, New Photo and Owner Lynx Ginger Lily, New Photo of Lynx Rainbow Warrior, 2 lovely Litters. Tolstoy Top Stud Dog i England 2021

2021-05-15 Females, Susa, Susa photos, Salt n pepper, Fire, Cleo, Cleo photos, Smilla, Smilla photos, News, Lynx Cornerstone,  Lynx Drizzle, Jelistaz Solid Amber, Jelistaz Solid Marble, Jelistaz Solid Topaz
Litter Born 20210202, The puppies own pages Lynx Life Of Brian, Lynx Play It Again Sam, Lynx Breakfast At Tiffanys, Lynx All About Eve. New page with photos Lynx Salt'n Pepper, Lynx Sugar And Spice, Lynx Mad About Saffron, Lynx Just In Thyme, Lynx Caraway Crush, Lynx Ginger Lily, Mistral Årest borzoi Norge 2020! New photo of  Lynx Cinnamon Rush, Fire, Fires offsprings, Upcomming litter and breedingplans

2020-11-17 Planning a new litter this winter, New titles No JW-20 Lynx Mistral, NoW-20 Lynx Rainbow Warrior, Belgium JCh Lynx White Lightning, BISS G AM CH Lynx Imperial Laras Pearl, New photo of Lynx Imperial Laras Pearl, News, New photo of Lynx Chinook 19 months, 2 new photos of Lynx Autumn Fire, 3 photos of Lynx Stormbringer, 2 photos of Lynx Cinnamon Rush, Lynx Spice of Life, photo of Lynx White Lightning

2020-10-30 Litter Born: 2020-08-03, Tolstoys offsprings at Borzkas, Tolstoys litter born 20200803, Pacos litter at Undimoon, Tolya, Ilja,

2020-06-29 New photo of Lynx Seri Surikov, Lynx Autumn Fire, Pacos diploma, New photo of Pacos doughter Borzkas Delirious

2020-05-11 US CH title on Tolstoys offsprings Korsakov's Fairy Tale Love, US CH Korsakov's Portrait of Love, Ch Psovaya Bewitched and Field Ch Lynx The Abernathy Pearl. Tolstoys latest litter,

2020-04-16 2 Interessting plans for the summer

2020-04-15 New photo of Lynx Chinook, Cleo, Ilja, Mistral, Pinglan, 3x Drizzle, Stormbringer, Tolya, Paco, Fire, Tolstoy, Tolstoy Stud dog of the Year in England 2019!!!, Paco Sweden's Top Borzoi Producer 2019

2020-01-15 Successful mating done and hopefully puppies are expected in early March, Lynx Skyfall,

2019-11-12 New SE & NO Champion Lynx Autumn Fire,

2019-08-26 New Champion AM CH Lynx Imperial Laras Pearl, New page Lynx Purple Rain, In memory Juri, 2 New Champions, New photos of Tolya, 2 New Photo of Lynx Autumn Fire, New photo of Lynx Skyfall, New photo of Lynx Palawan Princess Pearl, BIS Brace Tolstoy & Lycka, In Memory Fabergé, Showfoto in photoalbum, New photo of Lynx Mistral, New photo of Lynx Drizzle, 2 New photos of Lynx Rainbow Warrior, New Photo of Lynx Purple Rain

2019-08-24 New photos of Lynx Lucky Lady, UKCH Lynx Princess Winter, Mistra, Mistras photos, In Memory, Awards, Lynx Purple Rain, Lynx White Lightning, Lynx Rainbow Warrior, Lynx Stormbringer,

2019-05-22 New photos of Lynx Rainbow Warrior, Lynx Skyfall, Barowiak's Extris Black Molly, Lynx Abernathy Pearl 

2019-05-17 New Photo of L. Pearl of Asia, Lynx Pearl Imperial Laras Pearl, New Photo of Tolya , Tolstoys page updated, New Photo of Tolstoys Son Elios, New Photo of Tolstoys son Elliot, New photo of Morosova as Pup, Photo of Lynx Drizzle, New photo of Albaneiler Aquae Sulis, 3 Photos of Tolstoy, 2 photos of Inka, Plans for 2020

2019-05-16 TolstoyBIS i Norge, L. Mistral, L. Stormbringer, L. White Lightning, L. Drizzle, L. Rainbow Warrior, L. Purple Rain, L. Skyfall, L. Cap Cloud, New photo of Tolya;

2019-05-15 New Litter, Morosovas puppies, New Champions Pacos daughter Vilja, Tolstoys son Lynx Imperial Laras Pearl and Tolstoys son Elios. Lynx Chinook

2019-01-25 Lynx La Peregrina Pearl, Ch Lynx Seri Savitskij Norways Top Borzoi 4, and 2 top winning borzoi male in Norway, Tolstoys son Top winning Botzoi for 2018 GB CH
Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma, New Ch titles from the Dutch KC. Now GB Ch NL Ch Ir Ch Albaneiler Aquae Sulis, and NL Ch Ir Ch Lynx Winter Solstice of Albaneiler,
Successful mating between Ch Borscana Nimbostratus and Ch Lynx Seraja Morosova.If we are lucky puppies will arrive in beginning of March

2019-01-10 News, New Champion Tolstoys daughter Bravehounds Natasha Rostova!, BORZOI RINGEN BREEDER OF THE YEAR No.5 Kennel Lynx, Sweden's No. 3 Top Borzoi Producer Ch Lynx Ray Of Shine, Sweden's No. 6 Top Borzoi Producer Ch Lynx Seri Savitskij and Sweden's No. 8 Top Borzoi Producer Ch Lynx Midnight Sun

2018-12-18 3 Photos of Chanel, 2 Photos Sky, Photo of Lynx Winter Wind, News!, Lynx Black Velvet, Tolstoys daughter Bravehounds Helen Kuragina

2018-12-17 Photoalbum LC,

2018-12-15 Lynx Kizil Zagadka, Lynx Kizil Zabava, Lynx Seri Serov, Lynx Seri Surikov, Photo of Lynx Northern Star, Lynx Lost in Love, Lynx Starstruck, Photos of Lynx Strike Lucky

2018-12-14 Jenna du Clos Vremontois, Jade du Clos Vremontois, Jalina du Clos Vremontois, Justina du Clos Vremontois, News!

2018-12-13 Pacos Offsprings at kennel Iorek's, Males, Females, Co males,

2018-12-12 Bravehounds Lise Bolkonskaya, Albaneiler Dealan - Dhe, Lynx Shining Star

2018-12-11 Lynx Seri Savrasov, Skys offsprings at Barowiak's, Some of Skys offsprings at Steppdance, LC Photos in the Photoalbum, Lynx Happy Go Lucky, Lynx Strike Lucky, Lynx Shine on Me, Korsakov's Portrait of Love

2018-12-10 Lynx Sunbeam, Lynx Shine on Me, Lynx Forever Autumn, Lynx Lucky Number, Lynx Be Lucky, Lynx Moon Away, Lynx Over the Moon, Paco daughter Tinniwinnies O brindle lady, Photoalbum with show photos and puppies

2018-12-09 Pacos daughter Marelden's Dalaila Damisha, Lynx Black Diamond, News

2018-12-08 Lynx Indian Summer, Lynx Wizard of Oz, Lynx Lucky Clover, Lynx Over the Moon, Pacos daughter Marelden's Delind Vilja, Pacos son Marelden's Daminoff Demian, Pacos son Marelden's Damister Lotus, Pacos son TinniwinniesOdysseusCremeLord

2018-12-07 Lynx Seraja Kasatkina, Lynx Kizil Zarnitza, Lynx Kara Kirisj, Lynx Stardust, Lynx Northern Star, Lynx Flame of the Forest, Lynx Power Of Love, Lynx Morning Glory, Pacos son Tinniwinnies oden fawn lord, Lynx Kara Kamychin, Tolstoy, Hinschka's Unique At Lynx, Lynx Red Star, Lynx Morning Star, Lynx Kizil Zajats, Lynx Indian Paintbrush, Lynx Starlight, Lynx Sunrise, Chanel, Lynx Endless Love, Lynx Winds From Russia, Lynx Sun Godess, Lynx Touch Of Class, Champion Page, Lynx Phantom Of The Opera, Lynx Miracle of Love, Lynx Kara Kirov, Lynx High Old Time, Lynx Forbidden Love, Lynx Wish on the Wind, Lynx Black Diamond

2018-12-06 Lynx Winds From Russia, Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel, Lynx Love In A Mist, Lynx Starlight Express

2018-12-05 Lynx Melo Melo Pearl, Lynx The Abernathy Pearl, Lynx Jomon Pearl, Lynx Seraja Nekrasova, Champions Page

2018-12-03 Pacos offsprings Jelistaz litter, Winter Fashion, Paco offsprings Borzkas litter,

2018-12-02 Tolstoys offsprings Korsakov litter, Lynx Christmas Magic, Lynx Desert Sand, Lynx Tolka Adjin, Lynx Christmas Fairy, Lynx Winter Wish, Lynx Christmas Cracker, Bravehounds Vasilij Kuragin, Lynx Winter Rose, Lynx Seri Savrasov, Lynx Shine Your Way, Lynx Cristmas Belle, Lynx Harvest Moon

2018-11-28 Lynx Black Sky, Tolstoy offsprings,

2018-11-27 Lynx Magic Stone, Lynx Cornerstone, Lynx Ray Of Shine, Lynx Winter Wind, Lynx Lucky Shot, Lynx Seraja Bogdanova, Lynx Kizil Zareva, Lynx Kizil Zabeg, Lynx Star Attraction, Lynx Red Star, Lynx Private Dancer


Memory, Donskoi Dimitrii, Hinschka's Unique At Lynx, Lynx Black Soul, Lynx Christmas Belle, Lynx Rose Madder, Lynx Shining Ruby, Lynx Winter Song, Lynx Sandy, Lynx Black Edition, Lynx Miss Winter, Lynx A Winters Tale

2018-11-25 Lynx Magic Stone, Lynx Lucky Me, Lynx Lots Of Luck, Lynx Simply Red, Lynx Lucky Bastion, Lynx Pumpkin, Lynx Autumn Mist, Lynx Shine My Heart, Lynx Winters Frost, Lynx Crimson Lake, Lynx Dark Lady, Lynx Sandman, Lynx Shade Of Winter, Lynx Shah Safi Pearl, Lynx Autumn Sonnet, Lynx Legend Of The Fall, Lynx Shades Of Autumn, Lynx Spirit Of The Tiger, Lynx Classic Music, Lynx Midnight Sun, Lynx Madly In Love


Lynx Miracle Of Love, Lynx A Winters Night, Lynx Princess Winter, Lynx Sound Of Winter, Lynx Black Pearl, Lynx Lucky Clover, Lynx Kara Samara, Lynx Moon Legend, Lynx Miracle Of Love, Lynx Winds Of Joy

2018-11-23 Lynx Palawan Princess Pearl, Lynx Gogibus Pearl, Lynx La Peregrina Pearl, Lynx September Song, Lynx Autumn Fire

2018-11-18 News! Pinglan Fire & Tolstoy new titles and Photos

2018-11-11 News! More photos of Inka, Lycka, Tolstoy and Paco

2018-11-10 News!

2018-11-09 More photos of Tolstoy, Inka, Morosova and Flicka

2018-11-09 Page posted!

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